2D Game Character Animation

Service Description

Hi there, This is a 2d Game character animation based on cutout animation You’ve probably seen cutout animation without realising that you have.

what is cutout animation, exactly? Today, cutout-style animation is often produced using computers, with scanned images or digital sketch/Paint.

Cutout animation or puppet animation As its name implies it’s involves moving cut-out shapes in small steps and animating frame by frame depending on what software you’re using.

For This Services
This services does not include designing a character It’s for those who already have a art work or a character design and would like it to be animated. This services will only cover one animation that could be anything E.g walking cycle, ruining,shooting,jumping,crouching,attacking,

    • 20 £
    • 20 £
    • 20 £
    • 20 £
Briefing Details
Before we start working, it’s always better to explain in a clear way what you need. You can show me some ideas or styles you like to make the process easier for both. What I need from you Provide your art work that could be anything a character or a single object or a scanned image with your brief description.


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Release Date 17 February 18
Last Updated 17 February 18
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